Thank Your For Your Patience

Thank Your For Your Patience

As you are already hopefully aware our new website has finally gone live! It’s been far far far too long in the pipeline and something we’re not especially proud of! What we are proud of however is the outcome and as the saying goes the best things come to those who wait. Whilst the site has been hugely over schedule for an agency providing the services we do, we blame this on a few things – so get ready for our excuses :).

1 – We’ve been exceedingly busy servicing old and new clients alike producing all the lovely new work you can see in the projects section of the site.

2 – Due to the nature of what we do, we’ve been guilty of a lot (and when we say a lot – we mean A LOT of revisions / tweaks / changes / reworks / rebuilds and extra bits we felt the site needed as we progressed through the design and build stages. Designers and developers alike have been pulling hair out by the clump!

As we said and stand by on the holding site, we’ve been going properly OCD over this project but we believe going a bit crazy over this has resulted in something we’re really proud of and showcases our work and skills on a whole new level. We’ve been doing some really smart stuff for some really great clients and we hope you enjoy both the site and the work as much as we have enjoyed producing it all (despite the onset of early stage baldness now rife in the studio!).

Once again thank you for your patience now go forth and get fully vapourised!

Team V