Work for Vapour

Work for Vapour

Vapour are looking to hire a front end developer to turn all of our creative wonder into reality. You’ll be part of a small, highly creative team in Leeds that lives and breathes design and wants to do ace work for ace people.

You will need …

• To be ACE!

• Possess super human levels of digital creativity

• Have a hawk-esque eye for the finest details and things other people don’t see

• A progressive development skill set and desire to creative award winning websites php / WordPress / Angular and anything else you can bring to our creative table

• A Rocky Balboa style attitude to win and succeed – Adrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaan

• Social skills to make Jack Nicholson blush

• Be nicely weird – but not full weird

It’s a lot to ask but it will be so worth it. We want to do more amazing work and hopefully you can be part of it with us.

Want to get Vapourised?