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Hedonist is a new bar concept that recently launched in our home city of Leeds. With a strong concept underpinning the bar of worldwide curation and discovery sculpting their offering every 4 months into a beautifully insightful taste of each countries palettes, favourites and inspirations.

We handled all aspects of the concept’s progression from idea, through refinement to final execution.  We produced a smart brand mark that eminates the essence of world adventure and accompanying visual language that celebrates each countries uniqueness and Olivia’s own personal discoveries.

We shot photography to form the basis of the concept of the hedonistic girl’s guise ‘Olivia’ and set to work on creating a range of worldwide destination themes to cover the bar’s first year of global offerings.

To accompany the base work we produced a simple and stylish website alongside the journal / travellers guide / menus that formed the centrepiece of the bar’s concept.



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