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The perfect fit

We’ve been in charge of The Alchemist’s visual persona for 3 years now and it’s been an absolute joy to take the brand to the level it is now at. We’re immensely proud of what we have been given carte blanche to create for the brand and it’s darkly charged, weird as hell and polished to a beautifully high standard visual DNA. It truly has been the perfect fit for both agency & client.

'Highly creative, conceptually strong requirements have allowed both us and The Alchemist brand to reach a level of artistic understanding and progression that you really crave from a client relationship. We've helped push the brand to the top of the pack within the industry and to a revered level by it's peers and beyond for the level of execution both artistically and experientially'

Jamie Bugler

We already knew what direction we would take the brand as we were already fans of what had been done prior brand wise albeit limited. We immediately allowed the weird and wonderful in and started rolling out the darkly brooding, historically anchored style that now has forged the mid layer that the brand was previously lacking.

A missing ingredient to the potion

When we came on board the brand had no mid layer of visual content. It was indeed a well polished brand but it had no flexibility in terms of what it could visually communicate as the graphical layer of the brand did not exist.

The illustrations and the style they work to has now become just as synonymous with The Alchemist as the brand mark itself and has allowed a visual elevation over its rivals through the bespoke ownability and the creative artistry it represents.

Always looking to stay ahead of the pack and always darkly creative – we’re excited to see what the future holds together.

Vapour are a creative powerhouse and our go-to guys! As a reliable extension of our team, they consistently deliver a quality of design like no other, whatever the brief. There’s never a dull day and we appreciate their drive to innovate and push the boundaries. There’s no limit to what these guys think up! Cannot recommend more highly.

Aaron Morgan
The Alchemist

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