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Our new site is finally online after many months of discussion, design, redesigning, redesigning again and again, development, re-development, deliberation, procrastination and finally dedication!

We’ve been on this for some time now when time has allowed and finally we’ve got to a point where we all agree it’s ready for public consumption – which has taken some doing!

We’re super happy with the outcome and feel the site is a really strong representation of what we do firstly – stylistically and secondly – digitally in terms of experience and delivery, showcasing the kind of online environment we love to create.

The ‘Projects’ section is full of some smart new work we’ve done for our much loved clients of all shapes and sizes – all executed to a definitive standard of true standout creative.

Global brand direction for Space Ibiza has been a real highlight for us along with our ever stronger & darker continuing artistic collaboration with The Alchemist and new projects for a gang of exciting new clients too.

Smart brand work for Tanqueray, Facer & Sandy Mount House and graphically sharp executions for Hedonist, Inner City Electronic & 2020Vision are all in there amongst many others to cast your eyes over.

We hope you enjoy the site & the work we love to produce. We’ll be updating the site regularly with projects so if you like what we do please check back in regularly as we’ve lots of great stuff to show you.

Much love – Team V x



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