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So the office hound Lola has just been featured in The City Talking Leeds  issue 32 'Pets in Leeds'. Riding high on her wave of fame she is naturally owning the studio right now in full ‘won’t get out of bed for less than 5000 cans of dog food’ style. Heres a little insight into the dog behind the attitude.

Lola Lives in Rawdon, at the top of the hill, in the proper countryside. She has a German background and claims to royal ancestry, it’s far back no one can be sure. The Weimaraners were celebrated big game hunters, returning from trips deep into thick pine forests with captured boars, deer and sometimes ears. They were known to be regal, distinguished and supremely loyal to their family.

Lola doesn’t approve of hunting. Like the old Weimaraner, she’s close to her family; four humans and two cats. Lola adores the humans, especially the little ones. They offer morsels of food from their open palms, which she recognises as a sign of their friendship. Lola dosn’t care much for the cats.

Lola spend Monday to Friday in the city at Vapour’s graphic design studio on The Calls. She loves a brisk walk along the canal in the morning before work. The cobblestones feel good under her feet, and if it’s a nice day she’ll go for a jaunt around the churchyard at Leeds Minster.

City life appeals to Lola. Her job is exciting – every day is different. There are always new projects, new people to meet; she loves greeting the at the door, which she does with unparalleled enthusiasm.

Sittin, lying down, barking and eating. These are some of Lola’s favourite daytime activities. She’s an exceptionally good barker, and spends hours staring out the window, waiting to bark at the dogs that go past.

Lola loves toys; she once had a duck that she loved, and a carrot. But the more Lola loves a toy the less time it belongs to her. Lola’s favourite toys are soft, plush and make as quaking noise when she squeezes them with her teeth. She likes the feeling of fabric, and will nibble away at toys with her front teeth until the stuffing comes out and they go to a corner of the office called the Toy Tomb, where all the toys seem to go when she’s loved them too much.

Written by Jennifer Lee O’Brien Follow her on Twitter

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