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TV13Collective are Leeds based artists TONE, Villain (Jamie Bugler) & 13 (Dave Robbins).

Street inspired rebellion provides the constant thread that makes our collective what it is. Drawing reference from late nights & early mornings, the underbelly of society, conspiracy, love, life, elation & despair we’ve aimed to produce a collection of work that invigorates, excites and sticks a visual rocket where the sun stopped shining many years ago.

You can view an array of the prints showcased from the first collective show on the focus page here and a selection of photographs taken by Shang Ting Peng from The City Talking

Like what you see and want to find out more?…

TV13: twitter: @TV13Collective

TONE: email: / instagram: @tone_rsd / twitter: @TONE_rsd

VILLAIN: email: / instagram: @helloiamthevillain / twitter: @BigChiefVillain

13: email: / instagram: @justluckand13 / twitter: @justluckand13



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