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Vapour have joined creative forces with Leeds based kings of everything authentically 'Cue’ - Reds True Barbecue.

Reds have been tearing it up since opening their first restaurant in Leeds with 4 venues already established and another 4 already in the pipeline with the brand’s first London venture currently being built. You might say they’re the hottest thing on the grill right now!

We’ve been brought in to give an extra layer to their existing core brand collateral meaning we’ll be responsible for bringing the creativity to the barbecue with in-restaurant illustration and finishing, art installations and all of the bespoke visual language that surrounds the existing brand and it’s components.

We’re over the moon to be getting involved as these sort of briefs are the stuff we dream of as you could say they’re just as creative as we are when it comes to ideas.

Here’s our first collection of work for the Manchester & Leeds venues and subsequently produced project for their newest restaurant in Nottingham.



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