When you get a brief that contains leopards, panthers, neon, pineapples, impact and wow – you don’t say no!  We said yes please and have been lucky enough to work with up and coming spandex fashionistas Tirade13.

The independent London based label serve up spandex that glitters and shimmers in unique designs and one-off creations. Made especially for the exotic and the daring looking to escape the everyday. Each item is individually handmade from carefully selected fabrics that you won’t find anywhere else or on anyone else – holographic materials, bold patterns and playful colours are their forte!

We were set the brief to produce both the branding and a range of bespoke fabric pattern designs which we set about with much excitement and heaps of enthusiasm as the brief was almost a checklist of Vapour go tos for creating work we love. Label boss Charlotte Lyons was already a fan of the TV13 collective’s work and wanted to capture the essence of what we do in her own brand and its virgin bespoke patterns. We created 2 bespoke digital prints for her premium range with both designs pictured on this post looking distinctly fierce and packing some serious punch.

Charlotte had this to say –

“After being ecstatic at the branding Vapour had done previously for Tirade 13, they were the only people we wanted to work with when looking at our first set of fabric digital prints. When I saw the initial round of designs my heart literally leapt into my mouth – they had absolutely nailed the brief and then some. The prints have gone down an absolute storm with our customers and we can’t wait to start looking at the second round for next season!”